Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Collectif Taupe Inc.

The notion of Collectif Taupe was conceived within the walls and corridors of the Aberdeen Cultural Center in Moncton NB by four artists: Jean-Denis Boudreau, Jennifer Bélanger, Angele Cormier and Mario Doucette. It was not until 2003, through fibs, pranks, and unsuspected performances that Taupe finally evolved into the attention craved offspring that these four artists had always envisioned. The collective presents and executes its projects within the realm of public spaces to bring attention to their cause, create havoc, and most importantly, to publicly intervene and spark social dialogue. Their past projects include The Breakup Project, a very public break up of a fictional couple, Herman, a bush on a side of a highway gets a set of eyes, Emergency Kits, made to create a diversion in order to escape sticky or unwanted situations and Walm-Art, a process of infiltrating art within the aisle of reproduction frames in the world's biggest discount department store.

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